As a vegan I know only too well about the challenges of preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the rest of my meat-eating family. Now I appreciate that going vegan was my decision and whilst I would have loved for the rest of the family to follow suit, it isn’t a choice which I can make on their behalf. They do their bit however and many of them have switched from using leather and products tested on animals , my eldest even uses hemp clothing and hemp tablets.  When the time comes for Thanksgiving, I not only need to spend time on making my own beautiful nut loaf, I also need to prepare the meaty dishes for the family. Rather than simply not doing this, I have found it far better to order quality meat online, which is delivered straight to my door. If you are in a similar situation to myself, here are the benefits which order meat can provide to any vegan host or hostess.

No Touching

It is one thing  to watch your family devour an animal when it is something which makes you feel rather uncomfortable, but it is quite another having to prepare the meat. This is why I love ordering online because when it arrives, it is ready to simply be cooked in the oven and served. Now as someone who did eat meat for a long time, I have no issue with cooking the meat and serving it but having the preparation done by someone else is really a blessing and this is why I love this service.


I must confess that even when I did cook meat for the family, I was never able to prepare it to the high quality which you receive when you order online. Whilst I initially this for my own benefit, the feedback which the family about the quality of the meat has been very positive. I would even go as far to say that if I was eating meat, I would probably still use an online service to ensure that the quality was high.

Too Many Cooks

Other than myself nobody in the family enjoys cooking, in fact they generally do all that they can to avoid having to even walk into the kitchen! However because of the way that the meat is prepared ahead of delivery, it means that cooking it is very simple and usually my husband or my daughter will finish off the process. The fact that they can deliver a product in such a way that my husband can even cook it, is certainly testament to the high quality and ease which these companies provide for you.

Cost Effective

I always envisaged these services as being far more expensive than picking up meat from the grocery store and coking it, but in actual fact I think that it isn’t much more expensive. When you factor in the time that you save on preparation of the meat, you realize that using an online service is actually very cost effective, yet another reason why we all love the meat delivery service.

Why not try it for this Thanksgiving? I can assure you that you’ll never look back.