Whenever looking at football players, it is quite obvious that in many cases the core is not developed as much as it should be. When you do not focus your training on your core, problems appear in the long run. It is practically impossible, according to Ryan Grigson, to become a top football player with an underdeveloped core.

People make the mistake of thinking the core is just made out of the lower back, obliques and abs. In reality, the core includes muscles that run down and up the back, along the spine, together with glutes and hip flexors. If you want to become more dominant in football, you need a very strong core. You can do this through various different exercises, with a focus on the following recommendations.

Change Of Directions

Having the ability to change your direction in a split second is very valuable in football. It helps you to quickly get past a defender and you might even end up on TV because of being able to do this really fast. You do this through strength training focused on core development.

Explosion Training

Being more explosive is something every single athlete wants. If you are more explosive, the 40 time is faster. As a football player you are surely aware of the importance of the forty yard dash. Your core gives you more explosive actions and you simply get to do your dashes faster.


When you have a stronger core, your whole overall power is improved. Through power you get to win more of the collisions you are faced with as a football player. Right before extremities start to move, the central nervous system is stabilizing the spine as there is an anticipation of movement that appears. Specialists say that the rate that you can get your core muscles to stabilize the spine at can have a huge effect on limb movement power. It does not matter if we talk about a running back that needs more power back power or the defensive player that needs to make much bigger hits. Having a really strong core will offer the extra power needed to be better in football games.

More Strength When Training

Strength is simply vital when looking at how much power can be generated in a football game. If the core is stronger, you can lift more weight. If you do want to become much stronger and get that great pound-for-pound rating, core muscles have to be a priority. Whenever neglecting this part of your body you surely do not lift as much as you could.


When the core is stronger, you get more endurance. This has a snowball effect as when you have a stronger core you can maintain really high-performance levels for much longer time frames. Keep in mind that as a football athlete you want to be explosive and forward for the entire duration of the game. The core is vital for various football-related abilities. The core of your body should be able to retain high strength levels for as long as possible.