How Hollywood’s 12 Blockbusters Should Have Ended

1. How Star Wars Episode IV Ought to Have Ended

two. How Beowulf really should have ended?

three.How Braveheart really should have ended?

Brave heart is one particular of the finest movies i have ever observed but Wallace’s death was really sad. Even so this is funny.

4. How Lord of the Rings must have ended?

No doubtly, we loved the LOTR actual ending and its the finest book ever but this is good ending too :P

five. How Superman really should have ended?

Funny as hell man!

6.How Dead Man’s Chest should have ended?

7. How Matrix should have ended?

8. How Spider man 3 really should have ended?

9. How Terminator really should have ended?

ten. How Twilight must have ended?

11. How Avatar really should have ended?

Though James Cameron’s Avatar was incredible, Jake Sully did forget to mention a single crucial thing his whole explanation for becoming there. Hot blue girlfriend = forgotten diplomacy. :)

12. How Texas Chainsaw Massacre must have ended?

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