Windows – End Not responding applications without Activity Manager.

Almost all the Windows customers are effectively familiar about Not Responding message offered by windows, even though using some programs on your pc. Usually This message can be due to heavy application  installed on your computer, Low RAM, viruses or application not properly designed.

In day-to-day routine, Most of the laptop or computer user when encounter this message, Go to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and ends the application forcefully which is not responding. This method takes some time. Also if there are a lot more than one  Not Responding applications, then you have to close them one by one particular manually.

But by employing the approach given below, you can end multiple Not responding applications in just single click in Windows without Job Manager. which can save your much time. You have to just stick to straightforward actions provided beneath:

Just Go to Desktop. Proper click anyplace.

Navigate to New and select Shortcut.

A dialogue box will appear as shown beneath.


Just paste the code provided beneath in the dialogue box as shown in image.

taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”

Save this shortcut. Name this shortcut as per your choice.


Now your shortcut is ready. when you have any application giving Not responding message. Just open this shortcut by double clicking  it. All the application having status Not Responding will be closed in single step only. You do not need to navigate away from the desktop. You can finish applications proper from desktop utilizing the shortcut created. Also you can pin this shortcut to Start Menu or Taskbar as per your comfort. So this time, close the Not responding application straight with out leaving desktop in Windows.

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