How to Use MSConfig to Control Startup Applications in Windows

MSConfig to Control Startup Programs in Windows

Msconfig stands for Microsoft System Configuration Utility and is constructed into Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is mainly utilised for troubleshooting laptop or computer troubles but can also be utilized to disable applications from beginning up when you 1st boot.

Why Would You Want to Cease Programs Starting Up?

Thats a extremely great query and the answer is easy. To speed up boot instances and to free of charge up some resources. When the pc boots it goes via a procedure of starting all solutions and applications that are chosen in MSconfig (along with a couple of other issues). As you can think about this requires time and some applications take longer to get going than other individuals. By disabling some of the applications you don’t need to have at startup you can take back some of those method resources and save boot time of your pc.

One more cause is a new personal computer. A new laptop or computer can come bundled with a lot of bloatware (Applications installed by the producer that you tend to see but never use). Usually new computer systems come with ten-15 applications beginning up out of which a lot of are completely not needed. This involves issues like toolbars, widgets, trial programs and a lot of other nonsense that they are attempting to sell you.

Ultimately there are those programs that after installed really feel they have to commence up every time you startup your computer. These tend to be factors like messengers, adobe reader, iTunes and other programs that if you wanted them to run you would merely click the icon on the desktop you don’t need them operating continually.

So let’s take a look at how to disable some of these pesky applications employing Msconfig with this brief tutorial.

How to disable items

Very first of all press your Start/Windows button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. In the search box at the bottom of the bar variety msconfig  and then press enter. In Windows XP you require to choose the Run solution and then sort msconfig.

You should now have a box open that contains a number of alternatives and a number of tabs along the leading.

This is the Program configuration utility. It is not encouraged you change settings in any of these tabs unless you are confident of what you are carrying out. We are going to only look at one tab and that is the Startup tab the 4th tab along. Click startup.


You will now see a list of all the items that are beginning up when your personal computer starts up along with who the item belongs to and its place.

On our laptop or computer there are not a lot of items as it is only a test machine but you may have a lot of items. We have 11 on ours.

To disable an item from beginning up merely untick the box subsequent to the item. For example on our test machine we have unticked:

  • A hewlett packard item – Its a printer we no longer use
  • A google update item – Not required
  • Adobe reader – If we want to use this we will use the desktop Icon
  • Easybits recovery – A program we use really hardly ever. It does not need to have to be beginning when we start our Pc
  • PDF full – Another plan we use seldom

We have unticked five of the 11 products in our list. To full press Apply and then press OK.

Pick restart and let your personal computer reboot. You may get yet another window as soon as the laptop or computer has rebooted just close that window.
That is how you can disable startup products employing Msconfig.

Despite the fact that not a lot of harm can come from employing the startup tab and disabling products (You can usually go back in and tick them yet again) it is finest to be sure that you know what you are disabling.

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