How to Take screen shot in Windows 7, Windows XP with no any software program.

Have you ever noticed, what is the objective of the PrtSc important provided on keyboard ?  Generally laptop or computer customers consider this important as extra without any utilization.  Most of the pc user are not conscious about the functions of this crucial. In truth this key can execute some really exciting tasks on your computers. This important can be utilized to take or capture screen shot of active window in Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. You can very easily edit this screenshot to apply some formatting with the support of other utilities like MS Paint.

Despite the fact that Windows 7 and Windows Vista has one particular new tool introduced by Microsoft for taking screenshots of any Active window on your personal computer called Snipping Tool. But this tool has some shortcomings like it can not take screenshot of Menus opened as displayed on the image provided beneath.


But PrtSc key can take screen shot of Menus opened unlike Snipping tool as properly. This Important used to take screen shot need extremely small expertise of computers. Also this process will take much less than 1 minute to take screen shot of any active window on your computer.


Actions to capture screen shot without having any software program.

Firstly open the window to which you want to capture.

Press PrtSc crucial on your keyboard. This will copy the screenshot of active window to clipboard on your computer.

Open any Image Editing application like Paint.

Click anywhere in the field of newly opened image editing application.

Press Ctrl+V or Choose Paste from Edit Menu.

This will paste the captured image in Image editing application. Now you can edit this screenshot like any other image with the support the Image editing application opened by you.

Also you can save this screenshot in any format.

Get pleasure from to take screen shots in all versions of windows with no any software. Also don’t forgot to share this trick with your pals.

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