How to Shut down or Turn Off your Pc instantaneously in Windows.

Usually, any computer requires some time to shut down. Firstly pc waits to close the background processes and application. After closing these application your personal computer shuts down. This takes some time. This time interval can vary depending on different sorts of computers.

At times, we want to shut down any Computer or personal computer instantly as we want to leave computer for some another quite important process. Typically we utilized to wait for shut down. then we leaves our technique.

But with the tutorial given beneath you can turn off or shut down your computer immediately in windows XP, windows 7 and windows Vista. So that you can leave your personal computer instantly  for some other important tasks. The simple methods to implement this tutorial are provided below:

Step 1 Back up your Registry Files initial.

This step is quite critical. Do not skip to back up registry files. This back up will assist to restore prior settings if this tutorial could not be implemented properly.

Go Commence >> Run or press window important along with R

Place regedit in Run dialogue box.


Find the HKEY Existing USER  and HKEY_Regional_MACHINE keys in left hand side of registry editor.

Right click on each keys a single by a single and click Export.

Save the each above mentioned keys at any desired place a single by a single to take the back up of registry files.

Step 2

Open Notepad

Copy the code provided below and paste in Notepad.

Code block
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_Current_USERControl PanelDesktop]


Save As file with extension .reg as shown in below image.


Now open .reg file saved by double clicking on it.

Pres Yes and OK.

This time your personal computer will shut down instantaneously. You do not need to have to wait for leaving your personal computer.

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