How to open Word 2007 documents in Word 2003.

Have you ever tried to open Word 2007 documents in Word 2003? if yes, this post will support you a lot. Recently Microsoft has launched newer version of its world common Microsoft office pack. The newer version is named as MS Workplace 2007. This edition gives some a lot more features and nice hunting interface as compared to its prior versions. Most of windows laptop or computer customers have MS Workplace 2003 pack currently installed on their computers. But some segment of computer users has started to use MS Word 2007 pack on computer systems. Whilst working on a laptop or computer operating MS Workplace 2007 pack, a document is saved in .docx file format which can not be opened on MS workplace 2003 computer systems which use .doc format for documents.When you send or share .docx document with one more user having MS Office 2003 pack, he is unable to open the .docx document received. This creates fantastic discomfort. Here we will discuss diverse techniques to open word 2007 documents in word 2003. You can stick to any a single step as per your convenience to open word 2007 document in word 2003 pack:-


By Installing compatibility pack

Microsoft is well familiar about this dilemma faced by personal computer users. To encounter this issue, Microsoft has supplied MS Workplace compatibility pack. You can set up compatibility pack from right here. Then you will be able to open .docx document files on a pc running MS Office 2003 pack. Besides you will be capable to open MS Workplace 2007 PowerPoint, Excel files in MS office 2003 pack. This will offer a permanent solution to these problems.

By making use of Save as word97-2003 option

If you are operating on a document, you can save this document in .doc file format. Just see the Save As choices obtainable in MS word 2007. You will see an alternative named Word 97-2003. Use this option, your document will be saved in .doc document format.

By utilizing File Format Converters

You can download distinct file format converter available on the web. By utilizing a file format converter, you will be capable to convert any .docx file to desired format.

By setting default choice to save documents in Word97-2003 format.

If you perform on word documents frequently and you are using MS office 2007 pack. But you nevertheless want to save all the word documents in Word97-2003 .doc file format. You can make some setting as shown beneath. Every time, your document will be saved in .doc format by default.

  • Open any MS Word document.
  • Click on Workplace button situated on best-left corner.
  • You will see Word possibilities at bottom-right corner as shown beneath image.


  • Go to Save tab. Select save files in this format to Word97-2003 from the drop-down list.


  • Ultimately hit OK. Now your all document will be saved in .doc format by default on your pc.

By using  online free of charge web services available.

If you have internet connectivity to your laptop or computer, you can use some on the internet totally free net services to convert .docx file to .doc with no considerably efforts. You can ask your buddy to use these solutions although sharing any .docx document with him.

You can use straightforward service accessible

By Renaming  file to modify file extension.

But when you have no connectivity to web and you have received a .docx file from your friends or colleague, You can rename that specific file extension to .doc. This will enable you to open .docx file on MS Office 2003 pack installed computer.

So this time you will be capable to open word 2007 document files in word 2003 pack by utilizing any one strategy given above. Dont forgot to share this info with pals and office colleagues.

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