How to disable error reporting to quit “Send Error Report” Message in Windows XP.

In windows XP, whenever a thing undesirable takes place a dialogue box is displayed asking your permission to send error report to Microsoft group on the web. To take benefit from this feature, you really should be linked to world wide web connection. If you send error report to Microsoft, It will be discussed by Microsoft experts to uncover its remedy. If similar error has been reported by anybody earlier. Then Microsoft will provide you link to webpage containing remedy to that problem. So this can support you in operating your windows XP computer more smoothly and efficiently. If you do not want to share error generated on you computer with Microsoft team, you can merely pick “Do not Send” solution on error reporting message.


Occasionally this error reporting can create some disturbance to you when it prompts much more often. In that circumstance, if you don’t want to get error reports on your computer, you can disable “Send Error Report” message. Every single time any error happens although operating windows XP, you will not get any error message. We are giving straightforward steps below to disable error reporting so that you can stop “Send Error Report” message.

  • Go to desktop on your windows XP personal computer.
  • Correct click on My pc icon.
  • Pick Properties.
  • Click Technique Properties >> Advanced Tab


  • Click Error Reporting button.
  • Choose the choice Disable error reporting.
  • Right here you can enable Error reporting for some important errors only.
  • Apart from, you can choose any particular plan right here for which you want to receive error messages.
  • Ultimately press OK.

So this time you will not obtain “Send Error Report” message whenever any minor dilemma happens on your computer. This will help you in avoiding any disturbance even though operating.

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