Download Firefox 7 Beta For Windows, Mac OS X & Linux

frefox 7 beta

Mozilla has pushed out the very first beta of Firefox 7 which seriously reduces the memory usage utilizing Memshrink. According to Mozilla’;s developer Nicholas Nethercote, Firefox 7 uses 20 to 50 percent less memory than its previous versions.

The new beta offers some other advantages too such as:

  • improved responsiveness, startup and page load time
  • tools that will help developers measure load times
  • faster synchronization of bookmarks and passwords
  • added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas (which increases canvas-based animations in HTML5)

Mozilla Firefox 7 is definitely the part of Mozilla’s recent rapid deployment of browsers to catch up with its competitors. The final version of Firefox 7 is scheduled to be released on Sept 27 this year.


Download Firefox 7 Beta for Windows are available.
Download Firefox 7 Beta for Linux are available.
Download Firefox 7 Beta for Mac are available.

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