Download Firefox 10 Final Version For Windows and Mac OS X

Download Firefox 10 Final Version For Windows and Mac OS X

You have a correct to rejoice in case you are a Firefox user, as Mozilla has recently pushed out the final version of Firefox 10 to the general public. The latest version offers a fair quantity of new functions and as usual some common overall performance enhancements. Users who already have installed any earlier version of Firefox would get silently upgraded to this new version when they click the update alternative.

Mozilla Firefox ten features include:

  • total screen assistance for web applications
  • New &ltbdi> element
  • improved extension management
  • CSS3 3D-Transform
  • anti-aliasing for WebGL
  • Extended Support Version (offering only security updates from Mozilla)

You shouldn’t get surprised to know that the 10th version of Firefox is offered as just 9 months ago we had been talking about downloading Firefox four. Bear in mind this is due to the rapid release cycle adopted by two main web browsers (Chrome and Firefox) final year due to which you are witnessing such many new version releases.

Despite the fact that, Firefox ten has so far been reported to be stable by customers but some minor bugs stay at huge which trigger the browser to crash (quite hardly ever on certain precise occasions on Mac specially)


Download Firefox for Windows.

Download Firefox for Mac OS X.

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