Comparing Memory Usage for Various Antiviruses

Whether an individual’s antivirus plan is totally free or premium, the genuine query always lies on the efficiency of the application. It is imperative that any antivirus, no matter the price, must be user friendly and above all use the absolute minimum quantity of CPU memory as feasible.

With the amount of viruses roaming around in the present computing environment, the most necessary feature of an antivirus is the genuine time protection feature. This function guards a laptop or computer on a true time basis from any possible Trojans, worms, and other malware. With this type of protection, if the CPU usage would be high for the antivirus, then all other applications could possibly be affected with high processing time. This would make other programs run slowly, and the response time of the operating method itself could also decrease.


That becoming mentioned, it is helpful to look at numerous antiviruses in the marketplace at present to see which would have the lowest CPU usage. If an antivirus plan has too fantastic of a CPU usage it can slow down a computer, possibly even paralyzing a personal computer method to the point that it grinds to a halt.

Low CPU usage and other crucial features can figure out which program would be the finest fit for your personal computer system and your needs. The following are just some well-known antivirus goods that really should be looked at in terms of memory usage when figuring out what is appropriate for you. They were all tested on the same method in order to guarantee that the results were constant.

Norton Antivirus 2012

The most recent in the Norton Antivirus series would be the highest CPU user of all the antiviruses presently in the market. As an average, the current edition of Norton Antivirus takes about 9000K of standalone memory usage. This indicates that if only actual time protection is enabled, and absolutely nothing else is operating on the personal computer other than the antivirus actual time protection, then the CPU would knowledge a 9000K usage on a continual basis. Its CPU scanning usage comes to about 51,332K. Even though Norton is a strong, powerful antivirus remedy, it eats up much more memory than any other best product in the market place these days.

BitDefender 2012

If you are operating any version of the Windows operating system, you could want to consider BitDefender for actual time protection and powerful virus scanning of your Pc. BitDefender provides extensive protection, and it is compatible with the updates of many Windows-based service packs, and it is recognized for not causing conflict with the operating system. Even though the memory usage stands reasonably high at 8500K on standby and 45010K at scanning, this application is particularly reputable. It hardly ever crashes and is constantly very encouraged for Computer users.

AVG Antivirus 2012

There are several critics that really feel AVG antivirus is the best attainable solution for a home user since it is a single of the most user friendly antivirus merchandise that are available in the market these days. It might not be the lightest in term of CPU memory usage, but the actual amount of memory usage is really less than a lot of other premium antiviruses with capabilities on par with a lot of paid antiviruses as effectively. To be technically precise, the AVG 2012 takes about 6000K on idle standby and about 35000K when operating a total-fledged scan on the complete challenging drive. 1 of the most amazing attributes of the AVG antivirus is the reality that this application has possibly the most simple to use user interface of them all. Plus it has a exclusive feature identified as Anti-spyware that enables real time protection in your e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook account as effectively, a necessity for the residence user.

Windows Security Essentials

Windows customers around the globe take pleasure in Microsoft’s security answer, Microsoft Windows Safety Essentials. It is a single of the lightest anti-viruses in terms of CPU usage that is on the market place these days. It will take about 2600 K when in a real time monitoring, idle state. It uses 12500K when operating a complete CPU hard disk scan. Most likely the very best point about this antivirus remedy is that it is completely totally free from the Microsoft site. It is also very effective for use with any version of the Windows operating technique from XP to Vista to Windows 7.

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