Toronto Silver Snail Moving Day

Silver Snail is an iconic Toronto Canada Geek landmark with a wealthy background and a need to see comic shop for any individual going to the Toronto area. Stepping previous its extraordinary front window displays will bring you into one particular of the oldest Comic Shops in the culturally ecclectic Queen West district of downtown Toronto.

But these dusty shelves and historic location’s days are numbered. It’s not entirely a undesirable thing, nor is it the end of the Silver Snail.

The Silver Snail will be re-locating to a new contemporary and freshly renovated Yonge Street retailer mere blocks from Downtown Toronto’s Eaton Center.

Here is a peek at what is in store for the … shop.

Now this is the intriguing portion. Moving this store is going to be a historical event for Comic Book geeks in Toronto and fans of the Snail in common. But this is where you get to aid.

The notion is to have volunteers type a “bucket line” on Moving Day and they are calling for an army of comic fans to pass box following box from the old location to the new one. This distance is about a mile (1.6km) and participants in this occasion will earn themselves a Moving Day T-Shirt and get a voucher for 50% off Anything at the new shop.

The original date for the event has currently passed, but with unexpected delays in construction, the date of this seemingly ridiculous effort is getting pushed back to August 18th.

If you are in the Toronto Region, you can sign up for the event at Silver Snail .

At initial I thought this was a ploy to lessen moving charges, but honestly I am not sure which will expense them less. They are providing some impressive discounts to all these involved as well as a free of charge t-shirt. By rough estimates they will want about 800 – 1000 eager fans to make this bucket line possible. I assume a moving company may be less expensive!

This is a great way to involve the fans of the retailer and supporters of the community, plus, it’s an event you won’t likely see repeated in the Downtown Toronto spot anytime soon.

Yeah, it is sad to see the Snail leave its old location, but what a way to go!

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