Deadpool Video Game Teaser Trailer is On the internet

Films based on Video Games tend to suck. And video games based on motion pictures have in no way been genuinely better either. But there are a very good handful of games based on comics that are truly good (Arkham Assylum and City for instance) but then that rule gets broken when you make a comic book into a movie, then make that movie version into a video game.

Fortunately, a Deadpool video game will stand a far better chance considering that it has not been made into a film but.

Verify out the teaser trailer:

I don’t know about you, but that type of had a stink of Duke Nukem Forever on it.

The character does break the fourth wall, but the gags (at least here) are pretty shallow and weak. I could see myself acquiring Genuinely irritated with constant commentary like this. In the comics Deadpool is annoyingly sarcastic, has mental conflicts with himself, and talks to ‘the reader’ a lot, but I am not confident how this will translate into an action-packed video game.

It will all rely on the storyline (which I hope isn’t just weak factors to make Deadpool kill individuals) and on game play. If there are a multitude of takedowns and weapon alternatives (which there ought to be,) then I can see some value.

We will have to wait for a full trailer or even a demo prior to I get excited about this a single.

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