Top five Famous Fictional Characters and their Animal Sidekicks

Famous Fictional Characters

We all know who our favourite famous fictional characters are, whether or not they’re heroes, villains or anti-heroes. But sometimes we don’t give credit where it’s due. Occasionally a sidekick is absolutely needed to give their hero substance. And so we give you the oft neglected animal sidekicks who a lot more frequently than not become heroes themselves in 1 way or another.

Right here are five well-known fictional figures and their animal sidekicks. This is why we believe these animals deserve a bit much more appreciation than they’ve got so far.

5. Gargamel &amp Azrael

Gargamel &amp Azrael

The ever failing villain of the smurfs, Gargamel, is ugly, poor and evil – all the items you do not want your little ones to be.

But what makes him slightly much more endearing is the truth that he has a cat named Azrael who just like a loyal pet, is just as evil. He also looks like a stray rather than a effectively groomed kitty.

The fact that Gargamel has Azrael in his life although, demonstrates at least that he has a heart… regardless of wanting to destroy a civilisation of cute little blue gnomes.

four. Billy &amp Kes

Billy &amp Kes

Scruffy and very good for nothing Billy, borne out of a grim and bleak industrial Britain is not a character you can very easily pity. He appears lazy, not very clever and misbehaves. It is for that reason a surprise when he manages to tame a wild kestrel.

He reads up on how to care for them and train them so that even the teacher becomes impressed – items start off to look up a bit for Billy.

Nevertheless you’re soon reminded that this is a kitchen sink film and any heart warming moment you expertise is usually followed by a massively gut wrenching blow. Billy the kid learns how to deal with anger, grief and the sense of loss in this lovely film, and his kestrel serves not only as a natural spider repellent, but also a symbol for hope, death and in particular the death of childhood.

three. Shaggy &amp Scooby

Shaggy &amp Scooby

Clearly in Scooby Doo it’s not the handsome Fred and his romantic interest Daphne that take centre stage, nor is it the clever mystery solver Velma. Rather, the stars of the show are Shaggy and Scooby, delivering fantastic moments of comic relief and supplying the primary supply of entertainment.

It’s not surprising that the entire show is named following the greedy always hungry Great Dane rather than the other four characters.

two. Harry Potter &amp Hedwig

Harry Potter &amp Hedwig

Still fresh in our minds is the boy wizard who grew up to be the saviour of the wizarding planet as properly as the muggle world. He thought he was a normal boy dealt a rubbish card in terms of loved ones: The Dursleys were not only anti-magic but also anti-Harry.

When he finds out that he’s a wizard and can escape the dull and cruel muggle world for most of the year, he can lastly flourish. Hedwig, his pet owl played an important portion right here as she was a continuous reminder and reassurance that Harry was indeed component of the wizarding world even though the summer time holidays in Small Whinging had been something but magic.

At some point and quite sadly, Harry &amp Hedwig each realise just like Billy in Kes, that Harry had by a point grown up and required to deal with life on his personal.

Bye bye Hedwig, you helped Harry get there.

1. Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit

Now, we are not fairly confident who the sidekick is right here and who is the primary character. Wallace is the loveable fool, who invents weird and often extremely impractical machines. However, much more often than not, his loyal companion Gromit, a silent dog with no discernible mouth, gets him out of difficulty or fixes inventions to make them perform.

You could say, he’s a man’s finest sidekick.

Which is your favourite?

Thanks Gavin for the pics!

P.S. Gavin Harvey is a bookworm and an avid film goer, he blogs for Pest Control Group, an on the web shop promoting items that make certain he’s on the protected side of these pesky animal sidekicks and their occasional flea companions.

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