The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns [Infographic]

The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns

Every single year, dozens of celebrities seem on the news immediately after obtaining a nervous breakdown. Whilst these breakdowns can be an emotionally painful expertise for celebrities, they can frequently assist enhance an person’s fame and private results. The following guide explores the psychology of a celebrity breakdown.

In numerous cases, celebrities can advantage from additional news coverage. Although it’s excellent to keep a good reputation with the media, some celebrities shoot for any possible reputation. In some situations, this can outcome in a unfavorable perception of an actor or other celebrity.

For instance, Charlie Sheen knowledgeable a nervous breakdown final year. During his breakdown, he utilised an excessive quantity of drugs and alcohol. In addition, he trashed a 5 star hotel room. He received coverage on practically all the main news networks. After his breakdown, he received millions of dollars in a variety of endorsement deals. He was also supplied a multi-million dollar book deal.

 The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns

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