Celebrity Gifts – A Timeline [Infographic]

Celebrity Gifts a timeline

When it comes to gifts, celebrities are crazy and there’s no doubt about it. If it’s high-priced and/or weird they’re positive to really like it. Just take Jay-Z and Beyoncé as an example. The king of hip hop bought his queen a $ five million engagement ring, who in return purchased her husband a $ 2 million Bugatti Veyron sports car. They’ve got income coming out their ears.

But we’re certain you won’t be surprised to learn that this sort of celebrity extravagance is nothing at all new. You can go back practically 100 years and you’ll uncover the early Hollywood stars giving and receiving costly and uncommon gifts. They loved it every single bit as much as the stars of these days.

That’s what this timeline is all about. It highlights the most critical dates in a century of celebrity gifting, charting every thing from the sublime to the ridiculous. If it’s pricey or downright weird it’ll be on this list. We hope you get pleasure from it.

Celebrity Gifts - A Timeline

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