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Celebrity Jobs

While it may appear that some folks were born for a life in the spotlight, in fact for most of the popular faces that pout out at us from the pages of glossy magazines, the road to fame has been littered with much much less glamorous jobs, such as shop work, dressing up as a giant chicken, or advertising cornflakes. If you’ve ever wanted to make it huge in showbiz but you are still waiting tables then right here are a couple of inspirational tales from those who started out small.



Madonna may be 1 of the greatest superstars in the world but even the Queen of Pop had to begin someplace. And that somewhere for Madge was a job working in Dunkin Donuts promoting ‘Boston Kremes‘ and ‘Cocoa Coffee Rolls‘ to make ends meet.

Sadly for the donut globe her royal popness was sacked for squirting jam all over the customers…

Kanye West:

Kanye West

If you are 1 of the a lot of legions of fans with a bit of a issue for Kanye West’s style savvy then you may be surprised to know that he of the slick suits and designer sunglasses once worked in none other than ‘most humdrum shop on the high street’ the Gap.

If the lyrics of the track ‘Spaceship’ on his debut album are anything to go by (“Let’s go back, back to the Gap / Look at my verify, wasn’t no scratch / So if I stole, wasn’t my fault / Yeah I stole, never ever got caught”) it wasn’t a particularly satisfied time in the rapper’s life…

Jon Hamm:

Actor Jon Hamm, the dark and brooding ‘hero’ of the hit Tv series Mad Men started his profession juggling two very various occupations, as a high school drama teacher, as properly as a set dresser for porn movies.

In the latter function, Hamm said he felt objectified and that it was ‘a fairly depressing way to make a couple hundred bucks a day.’

Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may well be known as one particular of the sexiest and greatest dressed males on the planet but he hasn’t constantly produced his money by smouldering on screen.

One of Pitt’s initial jobs was wearing a chicken suit in a quick food establishment, exactly where he was needed to cavort about the restaurant undertaking a chicken dance for clients.

George Clooney:

George Clooney

Pitt’s actor pal George Clooney didn’t fare that a lot much better just before he hit the large time either, generating ends meeting throughout the pre-fame years as an insurance coverage salesman, a women’s shoe salesman and a tobacco cutter.

Simon Cowell:

Simon Cowell

Pop Mogul Simon Cowell hasn’t constantly been the one sitting in the seat of power, in fact when he very first began out – as a mail boy at EMI – he was quite much at the bottom of the food chain.

Both Cowell and an additional billionaire businessman, Richard Branson, are the ultimate examples of working your way up from the quite bottom, as Branson started out with his own mail order record organization, sending out tunes from his front room, which was the really first incarnation of his Virgin empire.

Some Far more Celebs:

In addition to the shop operate, waitressing and sales jobs, there’s a whole legion of fame hungry celebs who have gone to wonderful lengths from an early age to get noticed, and most of the evidence of this lies in old Television adverts. Check out the British Gas adverts from 1990 for a pre-toilet attendant assaulting Cheryl Cole, rewind to 1987 for Cornflakes advertisements with a fresh faced Keanu Reeves see Tina Fey with no her razor sharp wit in a 1995 bank commercial and appear out for a extremely fresh faced, pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan cheerfully advertising jello in 1996.

There are quite couple of celebs out there with no a handful of dodgy career skeletons in their closets in truth it practically seems to be an important component of the road to fame and fortune. So if you’ve got ambitions to make it onto the pages of Heat but you’re investing most of your days promoting hot dogs or working in a shop then worry not as if Madonna and Kanye West are something to go by there’s definitely hope for you however!

Guest author Amy writes for Gatwick Diamond Jobs – since absolutely everyone’s got to get on the job ladder somehow Gatwick Diamond Jobs list hundreds of vacancies in a wide range of roles, skilled and unskilled.

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