Top three Fantastic Possibilities For Backing Up Your WordPress Installation

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WordPress is widely regarded to be the greatest all round blogging platform accessible these days, for excellent cause. Absolutely nothing else even comes close to WordPress’ fantastic balance of energy, configurability and ease of use. But one area where a self-hosted WordPress blog is seriously lacking is in the ability to simply and swiftly back up and restore the whole installation if one thing goes incorrect.

Fortunately, there are a number of third celebration options that can aid take the drudge function out of backing up your WordPress files and data. The following is a rundown of the three that I like the best:

1. VaultPress

Considering that Automattic is the business behind WordPress itself, it’s no wonder that their WordPress backup answer turns out to be one particular of the quite best. VaultPress offers the most complete backup and restore capabilities you can get for your precious information and WordPress files. When you set up and configure your account and set up the plugin, VaultPress backs up your complete WordPress installation in the background. That’s right, every thing, which includes the core WordPress files, your theme files, your photographs, any plugins that you have installed AND the database. What’s far more, everything is backed up more than the World wide web in genuine time onto multiple servers which implies that you’ll in no way have to be concerned about losing a single post, image or comment should you ever have to re-install your WordPress configuration.

2. BackUp Buddy

An additional outstanding choice for backing up WordPress is Backup Buddy, a premium plugin-based service from the folks over at Backup Buddy basically does everything that VaultPress does except for generating actual time backups, but if your weblog isn’t so busy that it receives a continual stream of comments that won’t genuinely be a difficulty. One advantage that Backup Buddy gives over VaultPress is the way it backs up every single single file and directory situated in your server’s root directory, even the ones that you may well have uploaded via FTP. VaultPress backs up only the files that are frequent to a normal WordPress installation.

three. BlogVault

Related to VaultPress, BlogVault backs up every little thing that’s integrated in a common WordPress installation. It also contains an straightforward to use automatic restore function. Of the three possibilities discussed in this post, only Backup Buddy backs up and restores additional files and directories that aren’t portion of WordPress itself.


While there are free WordPress backup options out there, in my opinion VaultPress, Backup Buddy and BlogVault are all worth the nominal fee if you take your blogging seriously (especially if you make funds from your blog). I have utilized all three, and whilst all of them function incredibly nicely I have decided to go with VaultPress for the safekeeping of my personal blogs. Why? Nicely, it’s individual preference really. But in my mind there’s just something about getting the folks who created WordPress in the very first place standing behind my backup remedy as well. In reality, all of these great products do an excellent job, and I feel good about recommending them to anyone who desires to have that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from being aware of all their challenging perform is getting totally protected just in situation disaster strikes.

Guest author Rick Rouse is a writer, webmaster, and the owner of RLROUSE Infoblog.

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