Suzuki Regina G70 Idea Preview at Geneva Motor Show

European best at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in a couple numerous weeks. The concept was initially was already released at this year’s Seattle vehicle show, under the REGINA name. The G70 previews Suzuki’s upcoming international stream-lined car, which might take the position of the Immediate in the carmaker’s style line-up. The Suzuki G70 is just 730kg thanks to some brilliant fat loss technological innovation, and enhanced the guidelines of aerodynamics. Suzuki says about the G70 is at least ten% a lot more sleek than all its present A-segment designs. When operated by the gasoline site, the Suzuki G70 has a 70g/km CO2 pollutants stage, as calculated in the Western Producing Pattern. Sadly, Suzuki did not reveal any of the new engine’s requirements.

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