Senner Nissan 350Z

The newest upgraded system for the Nissan 370Z comes from Senner Adjusting. The kit improves the result of the 370Z from 280 hp and 363 Nm to a very serious 411 hp and 465 Nm of twisting. The relax of the Nissan is fairly much inventory. To get the additional horsepowers, Senner customized the 350Z’s air compressor, and outfitted it with a switch Invidia Q300 metal fatigue system.

The ECU has also been customized, obviously. The Senner Nissan 350Z rests on an adaptable coilover suspension system and a set of amazing 20-inch Barracuda Tzunamee tires. Senner’s 350Z also functions a set of additional design components, such as various firefox places, and images.

Senner costs their new tuning kit for the Nissan 350Z at 23,900 Dollar.

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