Mini Electric Motorcycle

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle was designed by Lit Motors, Inc. for these who are infatuated with the notion of motor bikes but as well afraid to ride one. The C-1 has an enclosed frame, seats two and is balanced by gyroscopes.

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle can hit a leading speed of 120 mph and demands to be recharged immediately after an impressive 200 miles. The bike seats two even though the second individual looks to be somewhat squished in the idea images. A number of gyroscopes placed on the underside of the vehicle would aid balance it at stops and in the occasion of an accident. Lit Motors’ C-1 would also have H2V, H2C, V2I and V2V connectivity to give drivers with true-time details on weather and visitors circumstances.

Encapsulated Eco Bikes [Trend Hunter]

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