McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

As if the McLaren MP4-12C isn’t exclusive adequate already, a meaner-looking and far more muscle edition has surfaced: the MP4-12C HS, or Greater Game.

Prepped by McLaren Specific Functions, the MP4-12C HS would put on an enhanced aero bundle that gets intensely from the MP4-12C GT3 speed. The automobile has a new nasal spot, back fender, improved air vents, larger diffuser / extractor and a customized back side, as effectively as new tires. The aero changes outcome in far better intercooler efficiency, and the boost from the double turbos is called up to make an added 75 power more than the conventional auto 592.

Only five illustrations will evidently be developed of this distinct distinctive. A single has already gone to the title knight in shining armor of Bahrain and one more to McLaren chairman Ron Dennis.

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