Lamborghini Urus Notion

Here it is, folks: the Lamborghini SUV. The only thing losing from these images are the traveling hogs.

Dubbed Urus, the Lambo sport-ute will basically be revealed at the China Engine Display soon, but thanks to the miracle of the Internets, the first few images of the awesome ‘ute have been released. It looks very just like all of the renderings we’ve seen in the last, at the same time with streamlined headlamps and a more low-slung overall look.

The Urus is predicted to discuss its foundation with the next-generation Mercedes Red pepper cayenne, Mercedes Q7 and future Bentley SUV, but is likely to be about 220 weight brighter than all of those. Energy is predicted to be offered by a 5.2-liter V10 which makes around 584 power.

We’ll have all of the formal information soon, so look for more. Meanwhile, have a press through our connected collection to see the complete prepare of released photos.

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