Alpha N BMW 335i

Alpha-N’s BMW 335i comes with complete body technique variations and a energy update that would make a inventory M3 go operating for guard. Apart from supplying far more energy to the 335i, Alpha-N also put it by means of a diet program and handled to reduce its bodyweight by 250 kg. This implies that the Alpha-N BMW 335i now bodyweight just 1,430 kg. Thanks to bigger turbos, a new fatigue program, a larger intercooler and a remapped ECU, the Alpha-N 335i produces 450 hp.

To be capable to deal with all that power, the site of the 335i had to be enhanced with new pistons and a new crankshaft. Alpha-N’s efficiency plan for the BMW 335i also contains larger braking system (6-piston calipers and 380 mm disks on the best side, and 4-piston calipers with inventory disks rear), and a KW coilover revocation.

The Alpha-N BMW 335i’s body technique kit is created from as effectively as fibre, which offered to the weight-loss we discussed previously. The aerodynamic load up consists of new front side fender, broader rim archways, new side dresses, and a new back fender with a diffuser / extractor and a principal fatigue. The Alpha-N 335i also functions adaptable front side and back spoilers, and a new shield. The vehicle rests on 19-inch light metal tires.


For the internal of the BMW 335i, Alpha-N provides a set of Recaro front side pail chairs produced from as effectively as, a complete funnel, and a throw crate.



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