2012 Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

The variety extended energy drive of the Evora 414E Multiple involves two energy engines generating each of the rear wheels separately via single rate geartrain, incorporated into a common indication housing, thus empowering twisting vectoring for balance control of the automobile. Power is stored in a lithium plastic energy supply which is optimized for energy density, performance and high energy demand and installed in the centre of the automobile for balance and protection. Additional variety is provided by the Lotus Range Extender website, an optimized 1.2 liter, three- cyndrical tube website, developed specifically for series hybrid vehicles. The drivetrain is developed to combine unbelievable performance with efficient, low pollutants generating.
Driver participation is enhanced by the development of HALOsonic Internal and External Electronic Audio Functionality technological innovation from Lotus and HARMAN, which provide sound shaping within the cabin and improve people protection outside the automobile. Integrated with the HALOsonic technological innovation, the Evora 414E Multiple also features a brand new technological innovation from Lotus Technological innovation, a activities mode that models a 7 rate, exercise switch indication that includes remarkable car owner participation for a hybrid activities car and optimized energy recovery.

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