Video Watch: I Am Dain- Senior Citizen Street Artist Is Nonetheless At It

Brooklynite Gallery has been on some sort of weird hiatus for a while, apparently to concentrate on creating arts connected films. Well, they do make very good shorts. This is a single from a even though back when they had an exhibition from collage artist DAIN. So there’s this unassuming elderly guy, appropriate? Properly he takes place to be a relatively prolific street artist who makes collage perform out of portrait photography. Just watch the video. And the subsequent time you locate oneself in a discussion lamenting what “Street Art” has turn out to be, keep in mind DAIN, who pastes operate on the street due to the fact it’s as organic to him as breathing. To him, it’s not about cash or cool issue, this is just something that gives him a lot of satisfaction. Dude knows what it’s all about.

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