Square Inches of Love

L.A. based architectural design firm, OPeX studios, initiated a public project titled “Square Inches of Love” with the aim of demonstrating the power of collective effort and creativity and the potential of virtual efforts to render excellent outcomes towards a socially sustainable future. It has been developed as a exclusive type of open-participation exhibition that begins on the internet and gets transformed into the actual planet as a touring installation.

Every participant purchases space on a one million square inch exhibition base to use as their canvas for sharing brand logos, art, design, photography, advertisements, messages, etc. The expense is $ 1 per square inch of exhibition actual estate and there is no minimum consequently, men and women, firms, and organizations can have quite minimal expense of entry. During this on the web portion, fifty percent of all proceeds collected will be donated to St. Jude. Yet another element of the value in participation is promotion. New submissions are displayed in a “Sidebar Slideshow” for a month and linked to participant internet sites. Submissions are also permanently on the “List of Love” page linked to their site. And there is an explorable Progress Grid displaying every submissions future placement on the actual world exhibition.

With the other 50%, OPeX studios and partnering organizations will undertake the transformation of collected submissions into a custom-printed fabric base, the fabrication of 3D structures that mount over the base to give interactive exploration routes for the exhibit, and the touring of the installation by means of an estimated 30 areas across the United States. The free of charge-of-charge touring exhibition will display the final results of the collective work and give guides for entertaining educational ways to discover the exhibit.

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