Peanut Butter Museum

Reveries: A pop-up gallery in New York City is dedicated to the art of the peanut-butter sandwich, reports Marshall Heyman in the Wall Street Journal (three/5/11). The Nutropolitan Museum of Art, on Mulberry Street, is sponsored by Peanut Butter &#038 Firm, “a specialty sandwich shop on Sullivan Street, as properly as a purveyor of such fine goods as white-chocolate flavored peanut-butter.” The exhibit features pictures of some exotic peanut-butter creations whipped up by its founder, Lee Zalben.

Lee says he got the idea for the Nutropolitan following a consumer challenged him to come up with a distinct peanut-butter sandwich for each day of the year. As it was, Peanut Butter &#038 Firm was making 20 varieties, “including the Pregnant Lady, which attributes pickles.” His new creations contain peanut-butter and Pez. “It’s candy-licious,” says Lee. “The Pez is like a substitute for the jelly.” He says that it is positively “tutti-fruitt.”

Nutropolitan Art [Reveries]

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