Immediate Hutong’s Colorful Blinking City Stencil Re-Imagines Maps and Urban Space

Blinking City is an ongoing project from Immediate Hutong that challenges the conventional ideas involved in map producing by re-imagining and producing new context about maps of downtown Beijing. Above (and right after the jump), are a couple of pictures of a stencil piece produced in conjunction with Blinking City. Vibrant colors bleed slightly into 1 another but maintain their personal strength in an orbicular representation of a Beijing neighborhood. The project is amazing and full of very good intentions. From the internet site: “The urban evaluation supplies the framework for a deeper and street related urban method involving inhabitants and their life style, in which experience, time, paths, observations, encounters and ideas turn out to be at some point as important as the built environment.” The Blinking City webpage, which has particulars on tons more Blinking City related stuff and other Instant Hutong projects, is truly worth a click. (by way of)

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