Mercury Holidays is a travel agency which offers a wide variety of holiday types to suit every taste. Based in the UK, customers can view the website of the company from the comfort of their own living room or bedroom. Online booking simplifies the booking process. The website is easily navigable and gives the holiday shopper a satisfying experience. Mercury Holidays serves the Irish holiday market too. You can switch the website to an Irish version if you prefer, where you’ll see prices in Euro currency. I checked the website for reviews. I found a solitary ‘testimonial’, which raved about the company. According to the website, the company is a member of ABTA. That’s the Association of British Travel Agents, meaning it is safe to book there. However, to get a better idea of what people think, it is best to check reviews elsewhere to get a fair idea about the type of services this company provides.

Types of Holidays

The colourful Mercury Holidays website draws you in. As you navigate around, you’ll see that the company offers a wide range of holidays. It caters for groups, families, couples and solo travellers. Whether you want an all-inclusive package or a self-catering deal, you’re sure to find it here. You can find package holidays, cruises, tours, long-haul trips and short-haul trips. You name the holiday and you’ll definitely find it. You’ll also find an emerging holiday trend. Have you heard of the fly-drive? If so, you’ll know that it’s a holiday where the cost covers not only a travel ticket. It covers the use of a car too. With such an amazing variety of trips, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But before you book a trip, it’s good to check what’s available on other holiday websites. It’s also a good idea to read a lot of reviews to find out more about the company. Do your homework first. Check out every aspect before you commit any payment to a company for a holiday.

Exploring Reviews

Mercury Holidays opened its doors in 1980 and has evolved from a small operator into a major one. You’ll notice one thing as you browse the reviews of Mercury Holidays. There are a lot of repeat customers professing satisfaction. That’s a good sign. Some customers complain about booking problems. This seems to arise from customers making incorrect online bookings. Online booking is nothing new. It’s been happening for two decades. It’s amazing how many customers fail to check if a transaction has gone through in the correct manner. Then they find they’ve no deal. Sometimes they pay twice, thinking the payment hasn’t gone through when it has. Whatever the problem, you must note your booking reference. Also, check your bank account to ensure that the payment has actually gone through. The quicker you make these checks, the better. When you’ve returned from a great holiday, complete a review and leave it on a reputable review site. Share your experience to help other holiday shoppers. Companies which provide holiday services love to receive honest reviews from customers. As does any customer service company. It helps them when customers give honest feedback on their service. This helps them to grade and improve their performance. Which helps them to serve their customers better.